About us

We are Julie Dunlop and Pat Gold, and we love dogs.  We have a handsome male Springer Spaniel called Moss, and we were thinking of ways we could look after him when we are on holiday. Kennels are a bit noisy and impersonal and we were worried he would be bored and unhappy.  So we went looking for a dog-sitting service where he could stay with a family and have a fun time while we were doing the same thing!

Cedar House Garden: Perfect for Dogs

Our Garden

Then we realised that we could do that ourselves and swap with others. So we started dog sitting in 2016 and it’s worked out very well. Since then we have made several good friends, both canine and human.

We are lucky enough to live in the countryside surrounded by nice walks – all accessible without ever having to use the car.

Out on a walk

Our garden is fully secure and at over half an acre is ideal for games and exercise between walks, for both us and the dogs. Our dog is extremely friendly towards other dogs and has really enjoyed having others to stay.

We like to send photographs – and the occasional video – to owners while they’re away so they know their dogs are happy. It makes it easier to enjoy your trip if you know your pup is having a good time too!

Great when an old friend comes to stay

Gus and Moss: Old friends!

We love all dogs but given Moss’s size we have an upper size limit of 25 kg, and we don’t look after aggressive breeds because the dogs are in our own home.

In summary, we offer a safe, fun holiday home from home for your dog. We look forward to saying hello!