Freshers’ Week – At Cedar House Archie, Poppy and Charlie Came to Stay

This weekend our doggy guests did not have families going on holiday, they had families taking children to university for the first time!

Our first guest of the weekend was Archie, an enormous and bouncy golden retriever. He has met Moss before, so there’s lots of playing to be had – so it was straight in, running about, and he didn’t seem to notice that his owner Paul had left him! His family were off to Manchester to settle their son into his new university.

Archie went on his first walk almost immediately, as we had to settle him in and get some of the bounce out of him. He’s only about a year old, so he’s got a lot of bounce and energy!

Next up was another of Moss’s friends, sensible 5-year old labrador Poppy (who stayed with us last summer) and her new friend Charlie. Charlie is a very energetic 1-year old dachshund/terrier cross. He is utterly fearless, probably because he’s always got Poppy to fight his corner! They had a fun and energetic time too, while their family were taking their son for his first term at Sheffield university.