Another Old Friend Comes To Stay!

Great when an old friend comes to stay

Gus and Moss: Best of friends

Another one of Moss’s old friends came to stay last night – and he’s grown!  Gus first came to stay in July 2016.

Gus’s family had organised a party on Saturday night, and very sensibly they wanted to make sure their dog had a good time too – and didn’t spend all night bothering their guests. Gus and Moss got on very well when he last stayed, so they thought he’d enjoy spending the night at Cedar House. And so they got a chance to rekindle their friendship.

The two of them were very relaxed, had a good time, and Gus’s family knew that everything would go well. And so it proved. The only sad thing was that he had to go home so quickly! But as a consolation, Pip the whippet turned up for a 2 day stay.

We all look forward to seeing Gus again in the future 😀