Quite A Summer!

As summer begins to fade into autumn, our last guest of the holiday will be packing his bag and going back to Bury with his humans tomorrow.

Biggles the miniature dachshund has been an interesting guest – he began his holiday like a sulky teenager, but a few days later he was rolling around play-fighting with his host, Moss.

Biggles and Moss playing

Biggles and Moss Dog playing

We’ve learnt a lot about caring for other people’s pets this year, and I don’t think we’ve made any big mistakes. Our maximum was 4 – and my mother too! – but all dogs ended up as friends, and they all looked up to Moss as pack leader.

He had a ball – though he did appreciate the quiet times when everyone had gone home. It took him a few hours to get his energy back for the next visitor …