Our visitor criteria

Because all dogs stay in our home and we sometimes have other guests staying, it’s important that all visitors conform to basic standards so that everyone has a pleasant stay.

All guests …

  • should be at least 18 months old;
  • weigh no more than 25kg;
  • should respond to its name, and come when called
  • should not be excessively nervous;
  • have no behavioural issues, ie:
    a) not be aggressive towards people or other animals,
    b) have no separation anxiety,
    c) be perfectly house-trained, including no ‘little accidents’,
    d) not enjoy excessive barking, particularly at night.

We like to have a calm home where everyone enjoys their stay.

If your dog fits these criteria and you want to know more, contact us to arrange a test walkies.

Moss and Skye playing, summer 2023

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